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Lost in the road of beautiful lies?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Some people love walking in the way of beautiful lies. It’s more of a love-hate journey that leads to beautiful destruction. They then cope by basking in the aesthetics of the collapse!

Perhaps you too are lost in movie-worthy lies that steal real-life happy endings.

The truth can set you free. Free from mirages. Free from wrong choices. Free from toxic people. Free from building castles in thin air. Free from flawed traits. Free from pit-digging foxes, and from the dense fog of “the unknown.”

Truth is authentically beautiful. Bitter or bland, it protects your path and makes room for wisdom. It eliminates confusion about where the road is going. Whatever comes your way, truth will help you remain grounded. It always prepares you for the best.

It’s never too late to choose the way of truth, and be led to life.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. In that beautiful order, for a reason. You begin with knowing Jesus as the only route to take. Then your fears are calmed because He’s the nemesis of misdirection. Finally, He is “life,” your hope-filled destination.

Today, In Jesus’ Name, may every lie that’s been making you lukewarm or empty, leave. May the addiction to deceptive imaginations lose its grip on you. May your dry bones become flesh again.

May you make a conscious choice to walk in the path of truth. For only the truth can release you into the destiny that God has ordained for you.

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