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The Red Sea is God's plan.

The Red Sea is God's friend. It's not an enemy. It’s there to drown your enemy! Don’t call it your problem, call it your miracle.

The Red Sea is a beautiful and majestic creation that sings God’s praises. Sound waves, it is. You can also see it opens and closes in obedience to God.

You must walk through it, why? Because your enemy wouldn't enter it any other way. You are the royalty for whom the sea rolls out a red carpet-- no pun intended. But you are also the bait for your enemy's downfall! You lead, he follows. You are saved, he is finished.

Just as how a pool of Jesus’ blood drowned Satan’s dominance, the Red Sea swallowed up Israel’s greatest opposer that day. Perhaps, the sea's name is not a coincidence?

Well, don’t fear the Red Sea, it's your blessing.

In other words, when you hit a dead end, don’t lean on your own understanding and manufacture new problems. God can use anything to get you to your destiny.

When God is on your side, everything will make way for your safe journey.

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