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Did Noah Preach?

Genesis records about Noah— righteous, blameless in his time, and a man who walked with God.

Interestingly, 2 Peter 2:5 calls Noah a “preacher” of righteousness. But Genesis records nothing about him preaching as such.

What does that tell us? Our life is a sermon. Our actions preach out loud. God hears the noise of our doings over our sayings.

Was Noah technically blameless? People would have blamed him in some way because of their own sin. But God is the only judge the Word cares about. God declared Noah to be blameless and a preacher of righteousness, and that’s final.

That’s why walking with God in our every day life is a better message than a fired up delivery from a stage!

Surely none of us are perfect or even close. We are the same sinners that drowned in the flood. But can we work on ourselves every day? We sure can.

We can learn how to be faithful to a loving-kind Father. He has kept His covenant to Noah. He refused to flood us over for our sins and saved us by making a new covenant of grace!

How special are we to Him. God certainly deserves for each one of us to be a Noah of our own mission. He deserves our best actions and efforts in walking with Him, faithfully, to the very end of this life.

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