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Nervous while representing God? | Arpana Sharon Blog

Don’t give up when the world can’t understand you or what you do. Just keep going for God.

Remember Moses said, “I stutter when I talk”? Spiritually, it’s not so much about an inability to speak, but it’s about facing someone who can’t understand your “language.” In his case, it was a Pharaoh with a heart of stone, and didn’t believe in the plans God had for those who loved Him.

But, did God fail Moses? Not even once.

When you’re connected to God, your language is not the words, but the purpose behind them. When your listener is unfamiliar with it, your confidence & hope breaks down.

Hence the stammering and fumbling. Eventually, even the truth sounds absurd.

When you’re connected to God, your language is a gray area to the world. You’re conveying a message deeper than an ocean. An ocean they don’t know or trust.

You see, they can hear you, but they can’t “get” you. You know you’re honest about God & your life, but they’re like “Suuure.”

So, when your listeners are not on a similar spiritual track as you, don’t be discouraged. Don’t lose hope.

More importantly, don’t change your language! How would this world know it, if you stopped speaking it?

God of Moses is with you. It may take time, but He will show the world that His favor is on your side. And, He has a plan for you, a hope and future. Observers can hinder the plan, but they can never thwart it.

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